My Chinese name is 陈欣妍 which is read as ‘Chen Xinyan’,欢迎你来到我的博客!If you follow my posts you may know a bit about me already, 例如 my birthday’s on the 1st April a.k.a April Fool’s day / 愚人节 (which I have been told suits me very well)! I’m reading Chinese Studies at the University of Oxford and I’m about to start my final year! I made this blog six years ago primarily to extend my intrigue for East Asia as well as to develop my style of writing. It’s a lot of fun exploring topics I’m interested in outside of my lessons and I hope you find something that can inspire you as you explore my posts~ It has been especially rewarding to see how my content has benefited and inspired different people from across the globe 🙂 Stick around to learn a few new things and teach me while you’re here 再会 and catch you later! 喂~我的中文名字是陈欣妍!你遇到我的博客是不是表示我们有缘分?😛我是个牛津大学中文系本科生,而且今年就大四了。几年前我建了我自己的关于中国文化,语言,和其他亚洲现象教育的博客。最主要的原因是因为我钟爱中国文化,所以我希望跟世界分享我的感觉,让外国人不像盲人摸象一样。我平时还会给你分享个人的一些经验,建议等等。我的生日是四月一日愚人节,因此有人说我的生日很符合我的个性,你有什么看法?希望我们可以互相学到很多新的东西。拜拜~

My YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/GoodLuckNabs1 请订阅我的频道!


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey there 😀 You probably won’t recognize me but I made a YT comment more than a year ago on a video regarding having stress in which you replied to 🙂 Just wanted to say thanks again for providing the link to your blog post regarding stress (Warrior Spirit). I actually bookmarked that blog post but lost it a few months back due to reformatting my PC, but by some chance someone thumbs up my comment last night which led me to finding it again.

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    • Hey Jason^^ Reading your comment made my day, thank you! That was really sweet and I’m touched to see that my post was beneficial to you 🙂 Please let me know if I can do anything else to help~ ^-^


  2. You love languages, and that makes me love you already. xD
    Hope we can talk more. Or should I say read more ( from each other’s blogs )


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