Heya 🙂 It’s been a while since my last post and of course a lot has happened since then so I decided to put out a little update. I haven’t really planned anything for this, but I just wanted to talk to you without the pressure, you know?~

I did forewarn that my blog would undergo a lack of scheduling from the beginning of my year abroad in Beijing onwards, but I’ve had some topics in mind that I wanted to write about and just never did. The reasons are that I’ve been a bit ill, very busy; and kinda stopped wanting to post for a while. The last reason is probably linked to the first, but it’s nothing to worry about~ I noticed that there have been more new followers to my blog over the last few months, welcome and 谢谢!^^ I also thought you guys, and those who read my blog as a whole deserves reassuring that my page is still active~

A few more things to add. Theres a post that I gradually compiled notes for during my first term in Beijing and should have been up at least a month ago, but hopefully sooner rather than later 😁 The theme is something to do with identity and I have a feeling that you’ll like it, so please look forward to that~ Recently I have been reflecting more actively about taking a subsidiary language during the next academic year of my course (Chinese Studies) and I am deciding between Japanese and Korean. If you have any opinions or advice on this decision than please do share! 🇯🇵🇰🇷 If I can convince myself to translate my thoughts into words, you could expect a post on that too once I return to Beijing for my second term. Fyi: I’m on ‘Spring break’ at the moment and have returned to England, but due to return soon! 🇬🇧🇨🇳

I have lot’s of stories from what’s happened so far this year, but we can save them for another time😋Let me know how you’ve been and if you want me to research anything specific whilst I’m in China etc!

If you have a lot to do, good luck 世界。

此致敬礼,欣妍 – From Xinyan.


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