Year abroad✈️

我在这个品台几乎过了三年!噢!如果你是‘新的来这儿看我帖子的人’我欢迎你!How has your summer been? I realised recently that mine is being cut short by 2 months this year, but that’s because of the subject of this post.^

The commencing academic term will mark the start of my year abroad in you guessed it…China! Beijing to be more specific, and I’ll be studying there for the second year of my degree. I haven’t spoken much about my course but perhaps you might be able to venture a guess? It of course has something to do with China in that it is Chinese Studies. What does that actually mean? 首先 I think it’s best to think of it as ‘China Studies’ as we learn spoken Mandarin as well as both forms of written Chinese; Classical Chinese (which deserves a whole separate post one day); philosophy; history; literature, and a bunch of other nerdy things related to China! *Exhale*

Another detail I have missed out thus far is where I’ve been studying. For the past year I’ve been studying at The University of Oxford, 其实 it feels a bit strange to reveal. Of course due to the esteemed reputation of the institution along with the ‘unique’ subject I’m reading, I will gladly accept your questions and try my best to answer them^^ In the meantime you can read about some of the radical stories I’ve noted down from my teachers this year in my previous post.

When I applied for the course I did find that there was less material to prepare myself for what to expect in comparison to other courses with a greater amount of students. For that reason I have been considering talking a bit about what my course entails as well as some other 有意思的 details in another post once I receive authorisation. -I do have some materials prepared…

I also wanted to 谈一谈 about what my year abroad will mean for my blog. If you haven’t already realised, since creating this blog in 2014 I’ve been uploading posts at least once a month~ However for the coming year I do not plan to follow this regularity as strictly as I previously have done. I’m sure my list of topics will grow due to my lifestyle being immersed into Chinese culture, I will just give myself more 自由 over scheduling, at least that’s the aim😝

I think that’s it for now~ Rather than uploading my post a few hours before a flight as I’ve done in the past, today I’ve gone for just a day before😅.

If you are going to study abroad, good luck 世界🌏🇨🇳

此致敬礼欣妍–From Xinyan.


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