Chinese Music 4

In this final part of my Chinese Music series I will be sharing songs that were not included in the previous posts but still deserve to be showcased. Expect an array of songs quite different to eachother, from videos that may surprise you, to possible new favourites that need to be given a chance😝我们开始吧?

I wanted to begin with a song shown to me by 一位同学. The song is ‘Scream’ by Grimes  a sort of dark Electronica song I didn’t expect to hear in Chinese! The next song reminds me of the one I just shared, and if anyone knows what genre to classify it as, do let me know. Please listen to 第二個我 ‘Second Me’ by 路子樂隊 (known as WAY5 in English).

I thought I should show you one of the famous Chinese singers I left out in Part 1 about Chinese pop music. Jolin Tsai is very popular in Taiwan and so please enjoy her collaborative dance song ‘I’m Not Yours’. What I did learn from parts of the mv that I did watch is that the narrative of the song is somewhat mystical…in a dark sense, and that some of the English lyrics were interesting to say the least. To balance out the negative energy, here’s another pop song that I withheld for this post. Here is Hit5’s ‘Shine On Me’.

The next song can only be described as super cute😋 Without an mv I can only imagine a man in his 30s singing this while playing the guitar to a women riding away on her bicycle on a sunny day ^-^ Not quite selling it? You’ll have to listen to it yourself then; 因为爱情 (Because of Love) by Chan Faye Wong. Another song that can be described as cute but for more obvious reasons is 麒麟 Unicorn Baby’s 小小閨蜜 ‘Best Friend’.  Or is Gao YanKai’s 快樂出發 ‘Happy Departure’ cuter?

Next is 不可思議 by Aarif, who I initially noticed because of his interesting name. The title of the song (bukesiyi) is the name of an idiom meaning ‘Unimaginable’. I’m not too sure how to describe the song itself but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually produced in 2002. If you would prefer more of a sad song perhaps you would like ‘Things I’d never do’ by Kenji Wu. Following on is 浪费 ‘Unrequited’ a ballad by Yoga Lin. I quite like the melody so I may download this myself, as well as the next song: 宝贝 ‘Baby’ by Zhang Xuan, which has been in my head since revisiting it a few days ago.

Some things cannot be conveyed through words and need to be independently witnessed. The next song isn’t as dramatic as I’m making it out to be but do check out the video for 小水果 ‘Small Fruit’ by the Chopstick Brothers. The creative video is set out like a video game and you probably wouldn’t imagine it if you listened to the audio in isolation to the mv. The next song features a comedic mv which is also quite interesting to watch. Here’s what I translated as ‘Explosion Song’ by 黑龍 (Black Dragon). Incase you want more, here’s a bonus song similar to the last two.

Next is an upbeat humorous song called ‘Lady Bro’ by two members of the boy-group MIC. The video speaks for itself. I think it’s fitting to next show you ‘Father’ by PSY which is sung in both Korean and Chinese and describes the hardships faced by a toiling father. Here’s two more songs also on the theme of family, but in quite different styles. 我媽是我媽 ‘My mum is my mum’ and 我愛我的家 ‘I love my family’.

I gotta say I do appreciate certain stylistic features of the olden days xD Perhaps it doesn’t count as ‘olden’ but indeed the golden days, as the next song seems to be set in the 80’s; Mavis Fan’s 你的甜蜜 ‘Your Sweetness’. Yet another song I will add to my download queue is this cover of Kimberly Chen’s 爱你 ‘Love You’. When first finding this cover I remember noting that it had a rock take on the original, and although I’m no longer sure how true that is I do still like the cover~

Many songs in the playlist for this post have proved difficult to describe, the next song being no exception. Check out Wang Rong’s ‘Rolling’ for fun costumes and a funky repetitive dance number. As a contrast you can listen to the traditionally eery ‘Beauty Song’ by Zhang Ziyi from the film ‘House of Flying Daggers’. The next song also features traditional Chinese instruments, but should not sound as eery. An OST from the TV drama ‘City of Desperate Love’ . I especially like the female singer’s calming voice 称赞!

The last few songs are kind of a random mix I didn’t want to leave out. First is the dance mv of a song by the girl group 1931, which I found after talking to one of the members! I also thought of including another male pop artist, so here’s ‘I Don’t wanna lose you’ by Zhu YuanBing. I couldn’t miss out a song by G.E.M, another very popular Chinese female singer. Here is her song ‘Heartbeat’ which has an inspirational mv conveying the idea of working hard to achieve goals despite personal hardship or social out casting. Similar to this is Xiao HongRen’s ‘One More Chance’. If all of this was too much to take in you may be in need of something a little more calming. To end our playlist is ‘Flower’, an instrumental song by Jia PengFang.

What did you think of the songs I’ve shared in this post? I’d like to think a lot of the songs were quite different from eachother so it was quite fun^^ Did you find any new songs to listen to in my Chinese Music series? I had a LOT of songs to go through to create it, but that let me explore a lot of interesting songs. What do you think of Chinese music? Let me know your thoughts~

If you need to describe ‘interesting’ music videos, good luck 世界。

从欣妍 – From Xinyan.

P.s. Lastly, it may not be a song but I wanted to share a Chinese poem that epitomises the importance of tones in Chinese! x_x