Chinese Music 3

Hello again! 我回来了~ As hinted at in the preview I had provided, today’s post focuses on slow Chinese music. I’m not sure of which genre to officially class it as, but I will be sharing with you some calming and slow tunes. As with the previous posts in this series, whilst I have been showcasing a range of artists, there is no way I can introduce you to all the existing Chinese musicians and artists. In addition, 虽然 I have shared songs by a few particularly popular artists like Wang Lee Hom 但是 I have purposefully tried not to bombard the posts with only the Chinese artists that are the most well known (like AngelaBaby) and instead showcase some that may be moderately or less well known, but still produce great music. Following on from this (as also mentioned in the preview) the songs from today’s post will be taken from my personal favorites >.<

The songs I will be sharing are some that I really enjoy listening to, but I will not be arranging them in any specific order of preference. The first two songs on the list are , as we move on from the theme of the previous post. 首先我们就要听 Soft Lipa’s ‘我們都有問題‘ (‘we all have problems’). The style of this song reminds me of something that Epik High would make, and I remember when I first found the song that I got excited over being able to understand a lot of the lyrics😅. The next song is another slow rap that I had saved away in a playlist I made specifically for this blog-post series, and now that it’s resurfaced I’ve realized that I quite like it. The song in question is ‘IN DA SUN’ by Teezy. I thought the animation was a cool twist too. The next song seems like natural progression of the former two. I wouldn’t class it as rap and my friend seems to think it’s ‘rhythm and blues’, but the label doesn’t really matter. Before we move on, take the time to listen to ‘Special Person’ by Khalil Fong.

Time for some ballads~ First is probably my favourite Chinese ballad, ‘Set Me Free’ by Zhang LiYin. Like many other songs in this post, it’s very calming and I find that its really nice to leave on in the background when doing small tasks. If you want to hear more of the artist, I would recommend this music video which includes her songs ‘Agape’ and ‘Not Alone’ in the form of a mini film. Next is ‘Silence’ (anjing) by Jay Chou. It’s quite a well known song and it’s another song I think can be casually left on to play as you resume tasks.

The next three songs are quite dissimilar to each other in how they would be classed within the broad category of ‘slow Chinese songs’. What I wanted to share with you first is‘Come back to me’ by Bii. It’s not wholly in Chinese as some of the lines are in Korean too, but I think that makes it all the more interesting. I did question whether to put this is the previous post; however I felt that this song does also bring a calming vibe, even if it is slightly more upbeat than the others on today’s list. Perhaps to balance this a bit I am sharing a calming piece of Chinese music. ‘What the Pipa says’ can be seen as a calming instrumental composed with traditional Chinese instruments. People often say that it’s good to listen to classical music whilst doing work (and I realized I have mentioned this in one of my posts too xD), but next time why not try listening to this? 噢 Third is a song you may very well have heard of; ‘Jasmine’/茉莉花 (molihua). The version I have shared isn’t my favorite, but that one 我找不到了. Though I do like the interpretation, I personally prefer the version my old teacher introduced to my class. I have a recording of us singing it together, but unfortunately that cannot be shared on this platform.

As I said before, none of these songs were shared in a particular order; however I did save a special song for last. If you read the preview you would have heard it already and may recall me mentioning that it’s slightly old fashioned, but something I really like. Last but not least is ‘Suzhou Nocturne’ by Bai Hong. The song is from 1944 and I feel that this gives it a beautiful antique quality.

I shared a lot of songs that I think are quite special and I hope you can find something you like. This will be the end of the main part of my Chinese Music series. Check out the previous two parts of the series if you haven’t already and let me know what you think about Chinese music!

If you want to share some of your favorite music, good luck 世界.

从欣妍 – From Xinyan.