Chinese Music 2

For the second installation of this series we will be focusing mainly on Chinese Rap (说唱) and Rock (摇滚音乐), although if you saw the preview I left for this post you may have already guessed that. For this specific post I will be exploring what I’m calling ‘hard’ rap and rock. I’m not sure if it’s a technical term, but you will understand what I mean when you listen to a few of the songs in the list. I will be leaving the softer and more mellow tunes for a later date.

Let’s begin with some rock~ To start us off with the list I will be showing you the music video for ‘Wolf’ by Weibird Wei (alliteration appreciation). This song, as well as the others on the list are by no means ‘heavy metal’ rock but you may appreciate the guitar riffs and tone of the artists’ voices. If you get scared easily I would advise you not to watch the MV as it shows semi-gory scenes of a man turning into a wolf; however you can instead watch the version of the official lyric video! The second song is by the band 五月天, literally translated as ‘Mayday’. I came across Mayday when I was in a music shop in China and decided to buy one of their albums! The song I have picked for you to listen to is a soundtrack for the movie ‘Huang Fei Hong’ (based on the eponymous KungFu legend) called ‘Your Legend’. I also noticed that despite the fact that the band tends to create rock music, the individual voices of the group are instinctively soft, creating quite a harmonious balance. On the other hand our next song by the Taiwanese rock duo, Power Station showcases slightly more rough cut voices. Listen to their song ‘Energy’ and tell me if you hear the difference.

I’m not sure why but this next song was one of my go-tos when people would ask me about Chinese rap. Without further ado take a listen to ‘U.O.E.N.O’ by PNC. I do quite like this song, but I warn that the repetitiveness may become a bit boring after a few plays. I thought I would also slip in a song by Uniq (another boy group that sings in both Chinese and Korean) called ‘EOEO’ because the title sounds so similar to the previous song (great excuse for another good song)! The next songs we will be looking at aren’t typical rap, but not quite trap either. I will leave it unlabelled as to not restrict their genres, but they follows a recent trend of flow. The first song is ‘Airforce’ by Barry Chen and features none other than current Japanese legend rapper and Airforce advocate, Kohh. The next song is ‘MTMSMBMM’ by ETZ. It has a slightly slower vibe, and I warn that I did hear a few bad words when playing it back.

Generally speaking, Chinese music isn’t recognised as popular music as it falls behind K-pop and J-pop, which is why I was pleasantly surprised when I initially came across good Chinese music of different genres such as rap. The final song of todays post is what I had included when I created the preview and shows that Chinese contemporary music does follow trends of popular world music. For your enjoyment, here is a short Chinese cover of Drake’s Hotline Bling by NEOSO 😝

For now these are all the rock and rap I will be showcasing to you~ Take a listen and maybe you will find something new you will like. 本来我听中国说唱的时候特别兴奋哈哈!希望这次你也挺开心听我给你分享的新中国歌曲~

If like me you want to listen to good Chinese rap, good luck 世界😅

从欣妍 – From Xinyan.