Well looky here, I was tagged by 我的朋友 nakedstreetkid to take part in the ‘CREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD’ tag 谢啦🐼

The official rules are that you must: Nominate your top 10 blogs; 
Notify them by WordPress, Social Media and their links; 
List 5 facts about yourself
; List the rules. I invite anyone who is reading this and is interested to participate themselves! 😉

首先我是一个独生女。First fact, I am an only child. I think having no siblings was compensated by the fact that I had a lot of cousins and close friends who I grew up with. Being an only child has its pros and cons, as does everything else. On one hand it definitely made me quite self-reliant, and explains my unique personality. However when I was younger and I wanted someone to play with, I did imagine inventing a toddler sibling that I could play with and then “turn off” and store away in my cupboard once I got bored.

Second fact is about music (其次我跟音乐有特别的关系). I could probably talk about ‘music’ for a while, but I won’t get into a deep answer. In terms of my religion, I recognise that many Muslims may say that it’s sinful to listen to music, but as Islam advocates that sins are derived from intentions (to keep it short),  I’m hoping that I should be in the clear zone. When I was younger I gained the skill of memorising song lyrics from a couple of listens (gift or curse?), and now singing is still a hobby of mine. 我喜欢的音乐是形形色色的 I listen to a variety of types of music and I can rely them in tough times 💪

For the third fact I should probably tell you a bit about my personality. I find it awkward to describe myself so I asked a friend to tell me some of my personality traits etc, but I still feel a bit awkward about sharing what she said😅. I know that I get excited easily, but can also become bored easily. I’m usually introverted, clumsy (真的跟一部电影一样), thoughtful, ‘weird’/different, and 98% of the time I believe that ‘the glass is half full’ 杯子是半满–an optimist.

4: I have a deep interest in art. I’ve always been quite creative so I enjoy crafting from random resources, painting, scultpting etc. But I think even simple things can be seen as art. Such as words or Chinese characters because they each have their own stories. If this sounds strange 对不起 it’s in my nature.

Hmm what about number five? Something I am certain that you know by now from reading this post alone, and if you know me personally, is that I’m very enthusiastic about languages. I went into a mini back story in one of my first posts, but languages interest me because they all somehow link, everything has its own story (I did a lot of creative writing in the past but it sort of stopped when I started college), and of course languages are integral to communication. Perhaps it’s related to my ability to learn song lyrics, but I also tend to pick up on vocabulary and nuances fairly easily.

If you read all of my facts I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better and please tell me some of your own facts. 根据我的经验 it’s surprisingly difficult to list facts about oneself on the spot, but nonetheless this was a fun tag.

If you need to list five facts about yourself, good luck 世界~

从欣妍 – From Xinyan.


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