Good luck 世界 ‘shìjiè’…what it means and more

大家好 (Hello everyone),

I’ve wanted to create this blog for a while now but I delayed it due to meticulous planning, something I’m a sure fellow perfectionist can sympathize with. In this post I want to explain the concept behind my blog.

Long story short; as some of you may have already guessed, the name was inspired by a show that used to be aired on a Channel that rhymes with Zisney. Personally I like to put a unique stamp on the projects that I take part in so I thought carefully over whether or not I should use ‘Good luck shì jiè’ as my name because of the likeness it holds. However the name is quite special to me because it shares memories from a trip I made last year which is somewhat instrumental to the rest of this site.

Last year I went to Beijing (capital of China) for a two-week work experience. Before I went, my best friend told me to make vlogs (video logs) during my visit so that I could show her everything I did once I came back. After some persuading I went with her idea but I thought that a vlog would be a bit pretentious since I wasn’t a celebrity nor was I a famous Youtuber. Instead I decided to call my videos ‘Video diaries’ because this way it would be like documenting the things that I got up to just like how people did in their diaries, only in the form of a video.

At the time I may have been subconsciously thinking of the show on ‘Zisney’ as creating video diaries was the main concept of one of their shows, of which the narrative involved the protagonist giving her sister advice by creating videos and ending them with her signature line, ‘Good luck [her sister’s name]’. I thought about borrowing this idea so that I could wish my friend well if she ever embarked on endeavors similar to myself, and eventually came up with the catchphrase ‘Good luck jie jie’ to tie everything together at the end of a video.

In Mandarin Jiĕ jie which is written as 姐姐, means elder sister and it is used as an honorific. Different cultures use honorifics to address people with respect, such as the cultures of China, Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. I usually call my friend ‘Afa’ which also means elder sister, because we’re as close as sisters and she’s also three years older than me. I used 姐姐 instead because my trip was in China 🙂

*Back to present time* I have changed the name to Good luck shì jiè 世界 which means ‘world’ in Mandarin so that I can universalise (or to a less grand extent ‘share’) my messages since I am no longer making videos for my friend. I also think it’s a great coincidence that both words rhyme (jie jie and shi jie 姐姐/世界). I had two other ideas for names, but I might talk about them elsewhere. With my blog I hope to discuss Chinese culture and educate people about a few things to do with China. As well as that I plan to talk about other parts of East Asia, predominantly Japan and Korea as my interests are scattered mainly around those three countries. You may leave requests if you have any, and one day I shall branch out into more general lifestyle posts. I hope that my rambling made sense and please look forward to what I have in store.

If you ever have to explain your ideas for naming something then good luck 世界!

从欣妍 – From Xinyan.