Lost in a Beijing Carpark


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I just uploaded a YouTube video. The name is the same as this post. I’ll share with you what I wrote in the video description:

“I’m procrastinating at the moment and was looking through a few of my old videos. I thought I’d share this unedited clip for the heck of it and probably delete later. I was planning on editing videos I filmed on my year abroad ages ago but I think I’ve left it too late. If I need to procrastinate this year during my finals (final year of university) I may end up editing some of those clips for fun since I have a lot of footage to work with. When I filmed them I never imagined they’d go on YT, they were just for friends and family. Let me know if you’d want to see some of those though. It’s quite funny because in some of those clips I wasn’t sure how to end the video or use my camera, but since then I’ve been using my camera so much! Hopefully my editing will get better with time too 😛 Besides that when I look through my laptop I notice that I have been filming things for a really long time and I have clips from years ago, I might share some of those one day. Back to work now, bye xx Ps. Looking back at that clip made me wonder why didn’t try to use the awesome setting for filming a proper video etc! I was in a rush that day, but shows that things really change in a year :P”

Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2L_MezEwhec&t=2s

If you get lost in a car park in Beijing, good luck 世界。

此致敬礼, 欣妍 – From Xinyan



BTS helps you study!?#방탄소년단

bts_high_school_uniform_png_by_superseoul11-db7m3oh.pngHeres a quick impromptu post from me!~

I go back to Oxford next week and I’m currently trying to tackle an essay. Yes, we were set an essay before term starts. And yes, the tutor wants us to hand in a physical copy of the essay; not only a day before the actual deadline, but also despite the fact that most of the class has not yet moved back into Oxford. Oh wait you didn’t ask🙄

You see BTS and ya click, am I right? Well in this case BTS doesn’t stand for ‘behind the scenes‘, its the name of a Korean pop group. I could confidently say that they are the biggest boy group in the world right now, they even gave a talk at the UN recently. But let me get back on track. Could it be that BTS has the power to help you study?..

I felt that I needed music to help me concentrate for a while. The problem with that is that since I’m not yet ‘in the zone’ for studying, the songs I hear will probably distract me. Basically I’ll probably start singing along. Then I decided to play instrumentals instead as they have no lyrics. The problem with that is that I’d probably get distracted by the familiar tune and still manage to at least mentally sing along#卡拉OK😂  AND THEN IT HIT ME Play an instrumental from a Kpop group that I don’t listen to!

Maybe you’ve already pieced this together, if you have then don’t come for me. I pretty much stopped listening to Kpop since starting uni, but I knew that a Kpop instrumental would at least sound interesting. BTS first came to mind because I trust their music to be good despite never getting round to finishing their albums. Btw if you have come across the group you might be surprised to know that they weren’t that popular when they started out. They’re from a smaller entertainment company, and I remember at the time of their debut I got them mixed up with BAP (a popular group at the time, coincidentally also with 3 letters and starting with a B).

So now I have a BTS piano instrumental playing in the background as I attempt to complete some reading. What you could take away from this is that if you’re in a work slump and need help focusing without getting bored, find the instrumental to an album from a Kpop group that you don’t listen to. This way you won’t be inclined to sing along and get distracted, and the music is likely to sound good.

I hope this was useful to you! Tbh I’m probably going to need more than an instrumental to save me right now, wish me good luck 世界。

此致敬礼 – 欣妍, From Nabeela ❤

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Let’s talk names!

Untitled design-7.png

My name ‘Nabeela’ in Arabic.

Hey world~ Now that I’ve introduced myself I wanted to talk you through the meaning behind my names

As I have told you in my last post, my real name is Nabeela. I was once given a keychain with my name on it and it defined my name as ‘magnanimous’. I also came across a frame with the name Nabeela on it, which said that ‘Nabeela reveals inner beauty’, or something like that. So for a long time that’s what I thought my name meant. A few years ago however I was at an event and had to introduce myself to an Islamic scholar. When he heard my name he said “Oh you know that means noble in Arabic, right?”. So there it is, Nabeela means noble in Arabic. Upon a further Google search I learnt that it apparenly means noble in Swahili aswell.

I also recently discovered that my surname means ‘time’ in Arabic. So I guess my fullname is ‘Noble Time’ 😋 Or maybe I just found my potential rapper name🤔

What about Xinyan then? 欣妍 aka Xinyan is my Chinese name and has been my pen name since I created this blog 4 years ago. I’ve talked about how my Chinese name was chosen in one of my first posts so I won’t go into that again. The name Xinyan is comprised of the characters 欣 and 妍. Simply put, 欣 (xin) means ‘joy’, and  妍 (yan) means ‘beauty’. I’ve been told it’s quite a pretty name, but the overall meaning comes across better in Chinese. When you verbally introduce yourself to someone in Chinese you can tell them which radicals are in your name so that they know which characters to spell it with. I usually say something along the lines of…”欣赏的欣,研究的研但是左边是女字旁/女字旁和开”。

So what about the name of this blog? Again, I’ve explained my reasons for choosing this name in my first post (you can read that story here if you wish). This blog is called Goodluck世界 aka ‘Goodluck world’. 世界 means ‘world’ in Chinese, and the transliteration/pinyin is ‘shi jie’. That’s why I shortened the url to ‘goodlucksj‘.

My YouTube channel is called GoodLuckNabs. To keep it brief, it’s quite obvious that I chose this name to tie into my blog. I also chose this name so that I could wish myself luck for posting videos on the internet.

Those are all ‘my names’ that I thought needed explaining. Let’s now talk about ‘potential names’. I found out years ago that my mum considered naming me Zainab when I was born. Now that I’ve learnt about the figure of Lady Zainab (s.a), the granddaughter of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh), I think that would have been an honourable name. But I’m very happy with the name I was eventually given. A few months ago I asked my mum out of curiosity what she would have named me if I was born a boy. After some recalling she told me I would have been named Zachariah, or Zach for short. Isn’t that interesting! Have you ever found out what your ‘potential names’ were? Let me know in the comments! I noticed that my names involve a lot of and N, which is fateful enough because they become the same letter when turned on their sides!

You’d think I’d be done now, right? I have one final group of names in mind, but I’ll save those for sometime if they are ever put into use. These are two names I’ve thought of for a while (not sure why) if I ever had the chance to name someone. All I’ll say is that they begin with an ‘S‘ and a ‘Q‘.

Omg I thought I was done but all of the above was in respect to human names! (more or less..). Lastly, here are some of the potential names for if I ever got a kitten WHEN I get a kitten: Squishy, Chewy, Lilo, Milo, Saka, Lala!

And that’s all we have time for today! If you’ve read this far I’d love for you to tell me a bit about yourself and what your name means! Feel free to leave a comment and I’ll be sure to read it~

If you decided to go through a bunch of names that are linked to you, good luck 世界。

此致敬礼,欣妍 – From Xinyan/Nabeela.

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I’ve been hiding something…


A few thumbnails from my YouTube videos. ‘GoodLuckNabs’

What’s up and welcome BACK to my blog! Hey, how are ya?~

As I’m writing this, my cousin is burning a disc of 80s songs for her mum. I’m currently trying to block out ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ so that I can concentrate on writing…wish me luck.

My blog just reached its 4 Year Anniversary! It feels only fitting to take this chance to finally properly introduce myself.

I created this blog when I was in Sixth Form and at the start I kept it a secret from everyone but my parents. Although the blog’s name was ‘Goodluck World’, I tried to keep it a secret from the world until I was about to ‘graduate’ from school. In our final school newsletter, I was given a slot to advertise my blog. I remember waiting for the school emails to see how my advert came out in the digital newsletter. I knew that most people ignored the newsletter, but I was nervous to be putting myself out so openly. One thing I mentioned in my ad was that my penname on the blog is ‘Xinyan’. I said that I didn’t want to use my real name because of ‘internet safety’, and whilst that was mostly true, it was also because I wasn’t ready for people I knew to find my writing. A lot has changed since then and they are mostly recent developments so I thought I’d go through them for you.

Just so I don’t keep you waiting, my real name is Nabeela, but we’ll get back to that soon. Maybe we should start with my first post. In summary, I talked about the general ideas for my blog and gave the backstory for the blog name. As you can see by scrolling up, this blog is called ‘Goodluck世界’. 世界means ‘world’ in Chinese, so my blog is ‘GoodLuckWorld’. I now have a YouTube channel called ‘GoodLuckNabs’, but again we’ll get to that soon.

Since this is an updated self-introduction I should tell you a bit more about myself. I am a female Muslim who is currently 21 years old. I live in London and I read a BA in Chinese Studies at the University of Oxford. Now we’re up to scratch! When I was applying to Oxford a friend who had just graduated from the university introduced me to ‘Oxvlog’. Oxvlog is a student run outreach project where Oxford students make YouTube videos about Oxford life in order to help applicants. I considered taking part myself one day but really didn’t feel brave enough at the time. Last year however in the 3rd year of my (4 year in total) degree I was one of the participant members. I became an Oxvlogger and actively put out content on our various social medias about student life. Being involved in the project only lasts for a year so I uploaded my final Oxvlog video this summer. In fact the rest of the team and I are in the process of recruiting new members for next year!

I had been told to make my own YouTube channel a few times as I was growing up. A friend told me to make a channel called ‘The Russian Asian’ based on a few voice impressions I used to do, and cousins told me to make a comedy skit channel. I always said no because I was shy. Whilst pursuing Oxvlog it had dawned upon me that some of the video goals I had would not be completed within a year and that I may need to post things on a channel of my own. I also considered creating content that did not fit into the mould of what Oxvlog required and so I mentally prepped myself for making my own channel. Some of my Oxvlog viewers told me to make my own channel once the project was complete and a final push from a famous YouTuber is probably what started it.

I have always enjoyed filming things and editing videos. Looking through old files on my laptop reminded me of that and I was a bit surprised to have come across old videos I made when I was younger (I plan to maybe post one soon). At the same time as creating Oxvlog videos I started to film random clips that could maybe be used for something else one day. I also secretly began to work on an independent documentary focusing on homelessness in Oxford entitled ‘Pray it Doesn’t Rain’ and eventually released it on my own channel on my birthday.

Since then I have been uploading quite regularly. My main focus for my channel for now is to create content to better advertise my course. When I applied to Oxford there was little to no digital resources on Chinese Studies or other courses in the Oriental Studies department. I’ve been trying to put out content that may help prospective applicants for the course, and so far the response has been good. I’ve also been posting a few ‘vlogs’ or random videos on things I find fun. However, what I haven’t told people yet is that I’ve been planning to be active on my YouTube channel for only this coming year. I pushed myself to do Oxvlog because it was only for a year and now I plan to do the same with my own channel. After a year I’ll reassess and we’ll see how things go~

Years before all of this I posted a few song edits onto my YouTube account. These are all on private now but I recently made one public. When I was making my own YouTube channel I was told that I could simply change the name of my existing account and therefore keep the subscribers I already had. I finally decided to change the name from what it was to ‘GoodLuckNabs’ so that it could tie in to my blog. This way I also get to wish myself luck for posting public videos 😛 My Instagram handle ‘Nabblo’ is a nickname some friends gave me based on an artist I was inspired by called ‘Tablo’.

People have told me for a while to make a fashion blog or post outfit photos on my blog but I haven’t wanted to do that yet. This blog started off with me sharing things I researched about East Asian culture as well as sharing tips on how to learn Mandarin. Since then I have expanded my topics to also write about more serious lifestyle topics and occasional random things like this. Hopefully my blog will gets the makeover I was once promised by someone and things will continue to grow.

As you can see I’ve become more open with things and now my Instagram account is linked with this blog. You can literally see my face on the left-hand side of the homepage. Whereas it was only 2 years ago that I decided to use my face for my blog profile photo (and only half my face). I should probably update that soon actually.

Thank you for listening to this long self-introduction. I always end my posts with ‘From Xinyan’, but who knows, maybe now I’ll sign off as Nabeela 😉

If you have to summarise your online work and introduce yourself to your audience after 4 years whilst trying to block out the noise of 80s pop; good luck 世界。

此致敬礼,欣妍。- From Nabeela.

My YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/GoodLuckNabs1

My Oxvlog videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-6ywDBIZxs&list=PL_oP1g84hq4L1SiV5SxUQl8HUJTtJqyut

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 14.54.10

P.s. the intro was inspired by Jefree Star 😛

Am I Caucasian?


If you take away the first part, you’ll find that I’m very much Asian.

About a month ago I was talking to a friend and this story somehow came up in conversation. This story was set when I was in Beijing, and I know I said I had a lot I could talk about from this time in earlier posts, so maybe I’ll sprinkle some of those in every now and then.

If you remember, I previously touched on the topic of foreigners finding jobs in Beijing. As an overseas student, it was common to see random ‘jobs’ being shared around in group-chats. One of the lowkey paid opportunities was to help out in one off student surveys and experiments etc; but this is common in the UK too. So one time I signed up to help a PHD student with his psychology research. The topic was to do with whether or not a person’s facial expressions impact other people’s first impressions.

I arrived at a spot on campus close by to the researcher’s faculty waiting for them to walk me in. He eventually arrived and we engaged in small talk as we walked along. At one point he awkwardly stopped walking as he had to tell me something.

“So…this experiment is for Caucasians”

I was a bit taken aback and walked forward trying to figure out if I had misunderstood what the term ‘Caucasian’ actually meant. I asked him;

“What do you think Caucasian means?”

He told me it meant ‘white skinned’. Hmm. I thought to myself again. The criteria for his respondents was not pre-announced. I looked at my left arm and showed it to him.

“I don’t think I’m white, I never have been.”

We walked on a bit further and I asked him if thatwas okay. He said it was, I’m guessing he was desperate for respondents at this stage if his criteria really were Caucasian.

Once we arrived I filled out a really long survey and carried on with the actual research. I basically sat in a room and watched a screen with different people’s faces appearing with various facial expressions. This was followed by judging whether or not each face looked friendly or unfriendly.

I got paid at the end, and that’s that.

If you are confused for being Caucasian when you’re really just Asian, good luck 世界。

此致敬礼欣妍– From Xinyan.

P.s Eid Mubarak, 古尔邦节快乐。




Unsettling Bridge

In my last post I shared a short story I had written in Chinese. The back ‘story’ behind it is that I was thought of a story to myself on the way to class one day in order to distract myself from the long walk to my department. The strange thing was that I was thinking in Chinese, and so I tried to remember the details to share as a post. I told some people that if they didn’t understand Chinese it would be possible to get a ‘rough idea’ using Google translate, but I noticed that this option doesn’t catch linguistic nuances. For that reason, I am now translating the (very) short story into English for you to read. Fyi, my stories tend to be a bit dark.

I will share my social media links in advance to limit disruption to the plot. Feel free to follow if you wish to~ 保持联系~多多关注: https://www.youtube.com/c/GoodLuckNabs1  https://www.instagram.com/nabblo/ . Click here for the Chinese version of the story.

A girl was walking along the road. In such a busy city, there was not even one person in her vicinity. In a moment, silence befell the place. Everything became lonely.

She saw a man in the distance. He was standing beside the bridge and she walked to his direction.

Her: “Are you lost? Let me help you.”

He gave no response.

Her: “Hey, are you okay?”

He looked like some sort of professional. He was wearing a suit and his top buttons were undone. His trousers were muddy and his tie was on the floor. She also noticed that his neck was bruised with red marks.

Him: “I want to give up.”

Her: “Give up what, I don’t understand.”

Him: “Life is unfair. I’ve worked hard. Struggled.”

He started to cry, his tears flowed into the sea. The girl put her things on the floor. She slowly approached him.

Her: “You’ve worked hard. This world is cruel. Tell me your worries.”

Him: “I’ve failed. There are no other options. I must go.”

He was about to mount the bridge.

Her: “What are you doing! No. Don’t.”

Him: “I must jump.”

Her: “Wait a sec. I understand how you feel. I’ve been through this hopelessness. I can help you, first come here.”

Him: “How can you understand my heart? My unbearable pain, no one knows it.”

Her: “I want to know. Help me understand, I will not abandon you.”

Him: “Everyone else has have abandoned me. I’m tired and I want to leave too.”

Her: “If you jump, how will that affect me? Come here and I’ll hug you.’

Him: “Sorry. I want to return to the real world. I’ve worked hard.”

Her: “You can rest your burdens on my shoulders.”

He mounted the bridge.

Her: “Don’t jump, okay? You won’t. I’m really worried.”

Him: “If heaven exists, it will have angels. I know that after you also leave you will definitely come back to see me.”

She started to cry. The sea was full to the brim with their sadness.

Her: “I haven’t left yet. Don’t leave. I promise I will never leave you.”

Him: “Sorry, I’ll take my leave. See you next time.”

Her: “Don’t you leave. You won’t want to do this. Let me hold your hand.”

He reached out his hand.

Closed his eyes.

‘Good luck world’



在这里可以读英文版。Click here for the English version.





























她: “我还没离开呢。你也别走哦。我保证我永远不会离开你。”